A2 Bioscience was formed in 2008 in partnership with research pharmacologists and SPRING, an agency of the Singapore government.  Together, the strategy was to develop a library of therapeutic supplements for the consumer (Over-The-Counter) market.  Therapeutics supplements  take known active natural molecules and merge them with modern pharmaceutical technology for better effectiveness. 
The employment of pharmaceutical delivery technology with active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) produced more than twenty potentially commercially viable products. The products’ goal would for the consumer to be able to determine themselves that the product was more effective compared to existing products on the market. The first product is named GabaNite, based  on the use of gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), a naturally occurring compound in the body that is used to help one relax. The flagship product is used to help the consumer relax and sleep better with all natural ingredients.  This compound then is processed and combined with a method to micro-encapsulate the GABA which helps carry the GABA to areas of the body which it would otherwise not achieve. Additional compounds are used in conjunction with GABA for synergistic effects.  Later , another product branded as GabaLite was developed to help one relax and cause less stress in the daytime without a drowsy effect.
Today, A2 Bioscience sells its products in thousands of retail and online outlets across Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States. GabaNite has sold more than a million bottles fulfilling its goal of consumer satisfaction and validation that therapeutic supplements are possible.